Leading consumer electronics brand XTOUCH has  officially launched its smartphones and other products in the Kenyan market. Founded in Dubai, XTOUCH has focused on providing high quality and affordable products to the market which has seen it grow market share considerably across the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

XTOUCH product range includes Tablets, Smartphones, intellectual wearables(Smart Watches)and Smart Devices. XTOUCH is the first firm to enter in the Kenyan market with smart watch, targeting the youth, sports and lifestyle. Over the past few years, many feature phone owners in Kenya have been upgrading to smartphones.

However, high quality smartphones still remain inaccessible to many. XTOUCH hopes to tap into this market by providing high quality innovative products at an affordable price. XTOUCH fully loaded smartphones retail for as low as Ksh6,000.

“As a young and dynamic company in this industry, the only way for us to survive in this fierce competition is continuous innovation and value for money. We keep an eye on the most advanced technology in this field and launch the latest products to the market. Our customers will never fall behind when it comes to the latest technology,” said Robert Liang, Managing Director, XTOUCH Africa.

XTOUCH products have been launched in over 30 countries, which include Spain, Italy, Poland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. “We are proud to be the fastest growing mobile phone brand in the Middle East and Africa, after being in the market for only two years; we sit at the pedestal of the market. We are sure that we will achieve similar success in Kenya,” added Mr. Liang.

Redington Kenya Limited will distribute XTOUCH products across East Africa. With its head office in Dubai and listed in the Indian stock exchange, Redington is the largest electronics distributor in Middle East and Africa and provides XTOUCH access to its diverse network of retailers in the region.


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