Quinter Nimo, a student at Eldoret College of Professional Skills, won a bonus payout of Ksh31,002,159 for correctly predicting the outcome of 16 out of 17 Mega Jackpot Games in March 2017.

Sports b*****g and lottery sweepstakes are taking over Kenyan minds, with a believe of getting easy money through small stakes.

However, unlike government tenders, the prime prizes are never won by people from well-to-do backgrounds.

The lucky winners always come from poor backgrounds, leaving speculation on what might be happening behind the scenes. Is it a calculated move by the b*****g and lottery companies to attract more poor people who are prone to persuasion or is it the hard toil by the poor to become rich?

Of all the people who have won jackpots, there is always a story of rags to riches. Does it insinuate that it is only the poor who participate in b*****g and lottery?

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The latest win of Ksh221 million by Samuel Abisai in Sportpesa Mega jackpot is a tale of a young guy who has survived on charity and well-wishers. Another winner of Sportpesa jackport last year was a woman, who said that she was not into sporting. How she won in her second bet remains a mystery, given that she had not been exposed to sports b*****g.

Creating wealth is a strategy, and a gamble/guess work cannot be it. Psychologically, poor people will fall prey to promises of easy money. However, with capitalism, every man, be they rich or poor, will want to earn an extra shilling every day. This tells us that even the rich man bets, expecting higher returns that would keep the poor man his subject.

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The bottomline remains that a poor man takes it as a matter of life and d***h as the rich man expects either a win or lose. A poor man tries persistently, whereas a rich man does it as a hobby. This is what creates the difference.

Also, poor men have more time together to analyse the games, whereas the rich man believes that he does not require anybody’s piece of advice. This reduces his chances of winning.

In conclusion, the poor outnumber the rich, hence they stand a bigger chance to win lotteries and bets.

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