Why bettors prefer PC over smartphone
many bettors have excellent smartphones and tablets that are often more powerful than their PCs. [ Photo / Extra Tips ]

The online betting industry in Kenya and anywhere else around the world has been flourishing. Many people who used to go to land-based casinos and betting shops prefer to grab their smartphones, tablets, and PCs to bet whenever they feel like it.

Those who’ve been betting online for many years probably remember that we could only do that on our PCs. Nowadays, most bettors prefer using their smartphones or tablets because they are more convenient. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to stay at home to enjoy your favourite hobby, some operators even have exclusive mobile offers and features.

In spite of this, some punters still prefer to bet on a PC. So, here are a few reasons you’d want to bet on your computer instead of using a smartphone or a tablet.

The bigger screen

One of the most significant benefits of using your computer for betting is that you can play on a bigger screen. Those of you who are only interested in sports betting might not be that impressed, but once you discover the world of online casinos, you will see that it’s always better to have a bigger screen.

Everything looks better, which means that you will have more fun while betting. Sure, some smartphones have screens that are way better than your monitor at home, but they are not that convenient since they are small.

Most PCs are way powerful than handheld devices

Another popular reason why some people prefer to bet on a PC is because of its power. Truth be told, many bettors have excellent smartphones and tablets that are often more powerful than their PCs. However, those of us who actively use a PC always upgrade them, which means they will have a lot more firepower. So, no matter which of the online betting sites in Kenya you go for, you can bet on sports and play casino games without worrying whether something could go wrong.

Betting on sports is not that resource-demanding, but some online casino games are, especially if they have HD graphics.

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You are more flexible

Most people who use a PC on a daily basis can operate with it really fast. Consequently, they can place bets, download a movie, play games, or work remotely at the same time, which is fantastic.

Although some modern smartphones are also capable of those things, multitasking on them is not that convenient.

Old-School bettors don’t have a smartphone

The last reason why some bettors from Kenya and other countries prefer their PCs is because they just don’t have a smartphone. Even though it might be hard to believe, many punters don’t have this device because they just don’t need it.

Consequently, the only option they can use to bet on their favourite team or play casino games is their PC. Computers have been around for many years now, which is why most of us have one at home or at work.


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