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Apology: Tom Mboya’s Life After K24

On 3rd November 2019, we ran the article ‘Media Stars Fired by K24 in Less Than Five Years’, which reviewed a number of media personalities who have been let go by Mediamax Networks Ltd.

In the article, we featured former news anchor Tom Mboya and referenced a past interview with him published in a different media house, in which he talked about his struggle with alcoholism.

It has since been brought to our attention that Tom Mboya had quit drinking before joining K24 and was involved in moral advocacy, tackling the issue of “alcoholism and staying sober”.

This advocacy work, in fact, earned him nomination as a finalist in the DEAR Awards USA 2019 under the Best Motivational Speaker Category.

Meanwhile, we have been made to understand that Tom Mboya left Mediamax on his own volition and not fired as we reported.

As a professional website that adheres to media ethics and the right of reply, we take this opportunity to apologize to Tom Mboya for any inconvenience and embarrassment the article, which has been updated, may have caused him.

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