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Money is the basis of every transaction in the world and is needed for pretty much everything. Whether fulfilling expenses, buying a car or paying bills, you will find that earning money is crucial. However, not everyone is born into circumstances with all the money necessary to fulfill their needs. This is why many people will undertake jobs to accumulate the money necessary for their expenses and needs.

However, there will be situations where you find that you need money fast and cannot do so through a job. Asking friends and family is a valid strategy, but it can be unreliable. Another choice you have is a money lending strategy. However, not everyone is willing to deal with a money lending company because they may feel like they are being ripped off. However, this is not always the case.

There are certain things you should look for in a money lending company.


Before you opt to deal with a lending company, you must find a credible one to deal with. After all, your money is on the line, and you should do your research before you make such a transaction. Sure the research may take some time, but it will be worth it at the end of the day. There are various ways to make sure that the company you want to deal with is credible.

A simple Google search can give you all the reviews and feedback you need to look at what clients who have dealt with the company have said. You can also check out any good or bad news related to the company because if they’ve done something particularly shady, you may find some tidbit of news about it. However, make sure you check out multiple sources for credibility because scammers are great at appearing legit and might plant fake customer reviews.

Interest Rates

Interest rates represent the extra percentage of the money you will be paying back alongside the original loan you take from a money lender. Each money lending company – such as Mwananchi Credit –  will have specific interest rates that are part of its business model alongside its preferred repayment methods. It is in your best interest to deal with a company with the lowest interest rates as this means less money you’ll be paying back.

However, it would be best to be careful here as some companies tend to have extra or hidden charges that may increase the amount you’ll be paying. It is crucial to ask questions about charges from the company to ensure you know precisely the amount you’re paying. A company with low-interest rates but high charges is one that you’d likely want to avoid.

Repayment Terms

Repayment terms represent the terms you have agreed about repayment. This represents when the payment will be done and how long the grace period is. You’d likely want more flexible repayment terms because unexpected expenses might make it difficult to repay on time. Additionally, if you cannot repay, this will also include any penalties you will have to incur.

Therefore, make sure you read through the loan contract terms to know exactly how you can repay them. Make sure you are also okay with the collateral the lender requires because if you do not follow the contract, the company can legally possess the item you have agreed to as collateral.

Loan Variety And Speciality

Another thing you should look out for is the variety of loans that are on offer. You can then choose a loan you prefer, which will likely pose a bigger benefit for you. Different loan types have different collaterals and amounts of money offered, so you should consider all of these factors before choosing the loan you want. After all, wanting a loan for groceries and loans for starting a new business differs vastly in size.

Additionally, it would help if you also looked at the loan type that the company specializes in, as this will be the loan type that is likely going to have the best terms. This means customers prefer to deal with them for this specific loan type, so you should choose a company you think specializes in the type you think will benefit you in a better way.

Disbursement And Processing Speed

When it comes to loans, chances are you are likely getting them because you require cash fast. Speed is of the essence in such a case as you’ll likely want to get the money as fast as possible. Therefore, you’d likely want to deal with a company that takes care of the processing as fast as possible so that you can get the funds quickly. After all, a company that cares about you will try to ensure that you go through as little hassle as possible. There will already be so much financial stress on you, so a speedy process will ensure as little anxiety as possible.

Money lending companies are a great option when you require emérgency cash or funding to better your circumstances. However, not every money lending company will benefit you, and there are certain circumstances to look out for when choosing one.

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