Uhuru Kenyatta wealth
President Uhuru Kenyatta is third richest man in Kenya, accoring to a new study.

A survey released in August by a London-based firm New World Wealth analyses President Uhuru Kenyatta wealth and show that he is, after all, not the richest man in Kenya.

In fact, Uhuru is not even the second richest man in Kenya despite having large tracts of land in Central Kenya, Rift Valley, Eastern and Coast regions and numerous businesses in diferrent sectors including dairy, hospitality and real estate. Uhuru Kenyatta wealth has been in focus since he became president in 2013.

Here is the list of the five richest men in Kenya according to the New World Wealth report.

1.    Vimal Shah: the Bidco Chief Executive Officer is said to be the richest man in Kenya at the moment. While Forbes estimates that Mr Shah is worth a conservative figure of Ksh68 billion, New World Wealth puts it at a staggering Ksh144 billion.

2.    Naushad Meralli: Meralli (pictured, above) is the founder of the Sameer Group that has invested heavily in construction, agriculture, property, IT and finance. New World Report puts his wealth at Ksh85 billion.

3.    Uhuru Kenyatta: Currently the President of Kenya, Uhuru is said to be worth Ksh48 billion. The report says President Uhuru Kenyatta can afford to educate 12 million school-going children with his wealth for one year.

4.    Chris Kirubi: Popularly referred to as DJ CK is the owner of Capital Media Group and has a huge stake in Haco Tiger brands. He is the chairman of Centum Investment Group and is estimated to be worth Ksh29 billion.

5.    Manu Chandaria: Chandaria is the chairman of Comcraft Group and is estimated to be worth Ksh27 billion. He is a part owner of United States International University (USIU).

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