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Foods Rich Kids are Ordering in Quarantine

Fries (chips) were the most ordered food between March and April by Kenyans with enough reserves to trouble themselves to delivered meals, the Uber Eats Food Index shows.

The index released on Wednesday shows that chicken and cheese sandwich was the second most popular meal while Chicken Dim Sum and a dash of Mahamri were also popular with those with tendencies to order meals via apps.

Gulab Jamun (berry balls made of milk solids & flour & a leavening agent) was also a popular meal with this set of customers.

Healthy choices also featured prominently with salads like coleslaw and soups including Chinese braised beef soup also ranking amongst most ordered meals.

A green power smoothie (drink made of blended kale and apples) was also a popular choice indicating that the affluent market is also warming up to healthier menus.

Other Popular Meals & Drinks

Other popular meals, albeit on a lower scale include roasted turkey and cheese sandwich, maru bhajia and the Java Dawa.

In the soups category egusi, hot and sour chicken and the okra were the most popular choices.

Salads also tingled sensations with kachumbari, falafeel and fresh garden finding their way on multiple orders.

In the drinks section, cappuccino, mineral and sparkling water, as well as monkey business (a cocktail made of chocolate liqueur and an assortment of flavours), were popular selections. Other popular drinks included Coke and Minute Maid.

In the desserts section, chocolate doughnuts, beignets, tiramisu were also ordered heavily off the menu.

The affluent also spoilt themselves for choice with snacks including truffle shoestring fries, samosas, and mozzarella sticks. 

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