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Insurer launches digital monitor to help users live healthy lifestyles

UAP Old Mutual insurance company has today launched Go-plus App, a health check and fitness application. Developed partnership with Amber, an outpatient centre in Nairobi, the application seeks to engage customers before they fall sick.

The app will monitor physical activities of the user and reward them with points which will later be redeemed for holiday treats, gym membership and old mutual solutions. The Go Plus app will be available on Appstore for iOS users and Play Store for android users.

Managing Director UAP Old Mutual David Kuria said the objective is to encourage a healthy living behavior for their clients and consequently improve their health. “When it comes to health insurance, we get to engage you when you come to the hospital but we want to change this trend by starting to engage you before you get to the point of seeing a doctor,” said Kuria.

Mr Kuria reiterated that the company has a Chronic Disease Management program (CDMP) which ensures members adhere to drug schedule and and monitors their progress.

Founder of Amber, Rhoda Jura, said having this application will see citizens reduce health costs by helping them prevent lifestyle diseases which, if left unchecked, become costly to manage. “Somebody who is usually concerned about paying for you when you are sick is now taking the charge to engage you before you get sick to keep you from getting sick,” said Jura.

The conceptualization of this project began two years ago with the aim of the wellness program working towards a healthier lifestyle, preventing the non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and managing chronic ailments such as cancer.

Beneficiaries of this program will be both those  UAP policy holders and non-customers.  However, certain schemes will only be available to UAP members.

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