Matatu Owners Association national chair MS Simon Kimutai Photo/TheStar

The transport sector losses approximately Sh900 million a month to c********n. The money is paid to cartels, c******l gangs, transport actors, rogue traffic police officers, dishonest NTSA officers, and crafty county officials.

The County Government Inspectorate has been faulted for variant transport levy requirements for transporters and lacking a standard and central point that will moderate the cost of freight by road.

According to Multi-Sectoral Initiative Against C********n (MSIAC) Transport sector, the graft has contributed to high operating costs, reduced profits margins, inefficiencies along the value line and l***********s in extreme cases.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi Serena Hotel, Mr Simon Kimutai, the national chairman of Matatu Owner Association urged government agencies and stakeholders involved in the transport sector to destroy barriers that promote c********n and stifle development.

“The transport sector is one of the largest employers in the country and we must realize that a c********n free transport sector results in more income for investors and  more jobs for our youth,” he said.

The road users have been encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Traffic Act and all guidelines that regulate the transport sector, and ensure that their vehicles meet all legal requirements.

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“We want the costs related to traffic offences be publicized to all Kenyans and they should adhere to the standards provided within the law. We additionally propose for the introduction of instant ticketing mechanism and cashless payment system to increase accountability and curb temptations of bribery,” added Mr Kimutai.

“We also recommend the introduction of formal training from accredited institutions for all drivers, conductors and other key transport actors so as to ensure that they display road etiquette and are aware of all the laws and regulations that govern the roads,” he said.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has been challenged to exercise its oversight and regulatory mandate stipulated in sacco registration, motor vehicle licensing and driving license.

However, about a year ago, since the set up of MSIAC, little progress in the fight against c********n has been made with increase in the graft to some extend.

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