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Teenagers profit from playing E-Sports

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The multi-million dollar industry of electronic sports is growing with such acceleration that it is impossible to control the rate of teenagers playing these games. Nobody would have imagined that playing ‘Pro-Evolution Soccer’ would earn teenager money. Or, the fact that you can bet on your favourite sports on https://www.betway.co.ke/ to win big.

Top stories of players winning big with E-sports

Here is a look at some of the stories that are sure to inspire you.

Muhammad Rafiq Qirdaus, 18, more familiar as Rafiq, began playing E-sports when he joined the PES tournament that was organised by the Kuppy Station in 2016 for the first time. The youngster from Kampung Tasik, Setiu stated how it took a while for others to realize his talent. It was then that Rafiq started participating in various competitions that were held by the PES nationwide.

Pro-Evolution Soccer was developed and published by Konami in 2011. Rafiq had been playing since his schooling days and has also balanced his time for studies. From the time he begun playing professionally, he has won around RM 20,000. He has participated in almost more than 50 PES competitions and also finishes as one of the top rankers. He finished with a first rank at the most recent Selangor Cyber Games in the 28th of October.

PES was not very popular in Terengganu, said the E-Sports Malaysia Terengganu (ESMT) Vice President Syed Afif Hakimi, it gained popularity from 2016. However, these games had already kick-started and were played widely in states like Kuala Lampur, Melaka and Jahor. It was later that in Terengganu the games became reputed and had also found many talented players, one of them being Rafiq, who is also a member of Anan Tasik Group Games (ATG).

Another teenager, Alex Balfanz, 18, studying at Duke University in North Carolina is one of those young game entrepreneurs who is making money in an industry that earned $36 billion last year. After the release of his cops and robbers’ adventure game, he says he has already earned seven-figure profits.

Balfanz does not just play the games; he makes them. Although he has seminars and lectures to attend, he spends a few hours at these games during the weekdays and much more time during weekends in creating.

The gaming platform for children and teenagers has helped them earn money that even the industry itself has not earned in the past ten years. Here, games are not just played but created by players themselves and liberally posted online for the others to play.


Teenagers like 18-year-old Andrew Bereza, the creator of Miner’s Haven and Azure’s Mines for Roblox pays his University fees with the money that he earns from the games he has created in the last two years. The electronic games industry has proved to be profitable as well as worthwhile for players who begin earning at a young age and thanks to online sales platform like Steam, Roblox and App store where games earn billions of players.

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