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Kenyan Women In Diaspora a Big Source Of Wealth

The fact that migrant women account for half of global remittance transactions highlights the important role they play in supporting their communities back home.

Sending Money: Safety Tips For Digital Transactions In Kenya

Online safety and security will continue being an important topic as scammers and hackers grow more sophisticated and crafty.

Inflation Forces Migrants to Reduce Remittances

The worsening inflation crisįs has affected the lives of international money senders around the world, a new report by WorldRemit has shown. The survey found that 82% of remittance senders, including Kenyan migrants who are key remittance senders in the US, Australia, and UK markets,...

Kenyan Families To Pay 1.75 Times Of Their Household Monthly Income On School Supplies – Survey

Global payments company WorldRemit announced the results of its 2022 Cost of School study observing how the changing economic environment has affected the true cost of educatįon across 21 markets globally. The study shows that Kenyan families will pay more than 1.75 times their household...

Migrants Continue To Send Money Back Home Despite Inflation – WorldRemit

WorldRemit has released the results of a survey it conducted in July to understand the impact of the global rise in the cost of living on remittances sent back home by migrants living and working in the US, the UK, and Australia. WorldRemit, which serves...

Time To Remit Some Love And Care To Diaspora Kenyans

February marks the annual observance of Black History Month in the US and Canada. Black History Month began in the US in the 1970s as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. Although its observance was...