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Should KRA Start Taxing Dowry Payments in Kenya?

Kenya Revenue Authority doesn’t just wake up one morning and increase tax on beer, impose a tax on dowry or reduce excise on water.

Bridal shop marvels with a four-in-one wedding gown

When retirement knocks, most people retreat to the comfort of their private lives. But Loise Mwaniki is among the few exceptions. She scribbled a different script and founded a bridal needs shop in Nairobi. Mrs Mwaniki has always been passionate about fashion. Initially, she partnered...

Maasai traditional wedding remains a jewel

The Maasai community is renowned the world over for its culture. The Maasai culture is unique and very interesting and attracts many peoples, both locals and foreigners. While some cultural practices have become outdated the iconic Maasai traditional wedding ceremony is one elaborate and culturally...

NTV anchor Dennis Okari ties the knot

NTV news anchor and investigative editor Dennis Okari married his fiancée Naomi Joy on Friday morning at Ridgeways Baptist Church on Kiambu Road. This is the second time that Okari is marrying after his marriage to K24 news anchor Betty Kyalo ended unceremoniously six months...

Alikiba marries Kenyan fiancée Amina Khalef

The wedding was conducted early morning to avoid "gate crashers" and journalists were barred from covering the event which was aired live on Azam TV, a Tanzanian broadcasting channel