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Payback Time: Citizen, NTV, KTN Feel Ruto Heat

The government is also one of the biggest advertisers in the country and already owes media houses in the country over Ksh2 billion in pending bills. This puts them in a strong position to bargain.

Top Citizen TV Presenters On Ruto’s Most Wanted List

Citizen TV journalists: Inside sources at RMS indicate that prime targets are editorial director Linus Kaikai and news anchor and talkshow host Yvonne Okwara.

Jeff Koinange And Crew Face Uncertain Future At Citizen TV

Like Donald Trump took on CNN and its journalists after his election, Mr Ruto directly took a swipe at some of the Citizen TV journalists who had openly supported his opponent.

Kenya’s Media Billionaire You Won’t Find On Social Media

Imposters often use prominent people’s names and photos - an known technically as identity theft - to attract followers, which is the currency of social media. Once they get enough followers and/or fans, they change their profiles into their genuine names and begin to monetize the accounts.

FAKE: These Twitter And Facebook Accounts Not Run By S.K. Macharia

The Twitter account has been active since March 2022 and has lately been giving updates in favour of Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

Inside SK Macharia’s New RMS Tallying Centre and Election Studios [VIDEO]

Looking to capture sky-high ratings as the country goes to the polls, RMS unveiled its latest investment on Sunday, August 7. It will be competing with the likes of NTV and KTN News to offer the best election coverage as Kenyans keep their eyes glued to their screens.