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Meet the Billionaire Behind Villa Rosa Kempinski

The hotel is one of several multi-million shilling ventures in Kenya associated with  Adil Popat and the wealthy Popat family.

Bank Sweetens Deal for SME Owners to Acquire Trucks

The vehicles will be made available with 100% financing under the bank’s motor vehicle financing scheme dubbed ‘Beba Leo’.

Simba Corporation unveils new vehicle in local market

Simba Corporation has unveiled the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in the Kenyan market. The new Eclipse Cross positions Mitsubishi as a strong player in the market – cars that are responsive and feel good to drive, reliable, innovative, durable, easy to maintain, safe. The new model...

25-year-old who built a wines business with luck and passion

There are a couple of millennials developing very big businesses. But for her, she feels it is a combination of luck, passion and drive

Adil Popat named Simba Corp chair in shuffle

Dinesh Kotecha will now take over the role of the Group Chief Executive Officer from Popat