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Banks should play their part, or else, step aside

It is that time of analysis that usually accompanies the release of Safaricom financial statements. Profit was made, a huge one at a time when the economic situation in the country is a bit tough; many listed companies and numerous private others have incurred...

Selective bonus payout sparks disquiet at NMG

Insiders says staff from  the print and broadcast divisions are aggrieved with the turn of events, arguing the digital department thrives on content they generate and hence should not have been rewarded in isolation

National Bank 2017 profit jumps 190%

Treasury has indicated its commitment to provide a comprehensive and long-term solution on the capital position

Barclays Kenya FY 2017 net profit drops to Sh6.9b

Lender says implementation of the interest rate cap compressed margins and resulted in a decline in its revenues

7 days of TV shutdown; 7 days of losses

This despite local and international calls for the government to end the blockade, which is seen as a threat to freedom of the press and the media

Sony poised for 20% sales growth in Middle East, Africa

aro Kimura, Managing Director, Sony Middle East and Africa says the company has witnessed a very strong upswing in the business across all three of its priority segments