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Bangladesh Investor Builds Region’s Largest Medicines Factory In Kenya

The investment, valued at Ksh7.5 billion, is a big achievement for Bangladesh as Square Pharma enters to a foreign market, said Mr Muhammad Zahangir Alam, chief financial officer of the company.

Pharmily: New Online Pharmacy Tipped To Provide Cheaper Medicine, Save Lives

With an expanding digital economy supported by key infrastructures such as cheap Internet and multiple delivery options, people in Kenya are finding it much easier to order goods and services online. The acceptance has further been boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic which has pushed different...

Kenya to invest in competitive pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

Health ministry says it will offer a conducive environment to local pharmaceutical players in the battle against their international counterparts

Sanofi unveils state-of-the-art regional office in Nairobi

The new office design, one of its kind, reflects a modern way of working and is an activity based open space where desks are not allocated to individuals to encourage interactions