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Cooking Oil Shortage Looms As Leading Manufacturer Shuts Down

The dollar shortage in Kenya is touching off a meltdown in edible oil  industry, with a leading cooking oil manufacturer finding itself at he short end of the foreign exchange market.

First Sh1.2bn Oil Export Places Kenya on Global Map

Kenya is using this initial export to test the global market before it embarks on large scale commercial production of its oil.

Big dollar oil remains elusive for Kenya

Tullow Oil, the company leading oil exploration and drilling in Kenya, says construction of a pipeline by 2022 would kick off commercial production that will see up to 80,000 barrels pumped out per day. “Kenya’s recoverable reserves are estimated at 750 million barrels of...

Deal reached to resume oil operations in Turkana

Oil Operations in Turkana is set to resume next week after issues that had paralyzed the operation for the last 45 days have been resolved. The Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Petroleum and Mining John Munyes said that the resumption of the operation comes...

Total launches lubricant for motor bikes  

Hi-Perf lubricant is developed to safeguard the life of the motorcycle engine, gearbox and clutch

Kenya Pipeline boss fights back in Sh95bn loss claim

KPC Managing Director Joe Sang says the allegations are inaccurate