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NMS Incorporates Mental Health Care In New Level 2 &3 Facilities

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has stepped up the provision of mental health care services in the city. The NMS has created mental health departments in all the new level 2 and level 3 facilities as well as the various level 4 hospitals. The Deputy Medical...

MKU Steps Up Mental Well-being Programmes After Student’s Death

In addition, all the affected students - who were residing outside of the main campus when the incident happened -  have been accorded accommodation in the university hostel for free and for an unlimited amount of time.

Statistics And Figures on Mental Health in Kenya

Mental Health in Kenya: The alarming severity of COVID-19 has led to an unfortunate increase in mental health disorders globally. Fundamental changes in lifestyle, relationships, and other important parts of livelihood all have the potential to influence mental health, and this is especially true...

What Are The Causes Of Narcissism?

Causes Of Narcissism: A healthy ego can be a good thing. It means that you're capable of seeing the merits of your accomplishments and the meaningful nature of most of your actions. However, just like everything in life, too much of a good thing...

Investing in Mental Health Key in Recovery of African Economies

It is estimated that mental illnesses cost $2.5 trillion globally in 2010, and this cost will rise to over $6 trillion by 2030

Dance Therapy Gains Currency in Mental Illness Treatment

Using a movement metaphor or prop can help a person physically and expressively demonstrate a therapeutic challenge or achievement.