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Wealthy And Older, Jalang’o Set To Quit Radio

The comedian-cum-radio presenter in November 2020 graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Community Development from Daystar University in what was seen as preparation to join politics. A degree is one of the Constitutional requirements candidates must fulfill to run for MP.

Weekend destinations in Nairobi where you can unwind for Sh1,000 or less

Fresh from the longest weekend of the year, the much loved Easter holidays, a normal weekend beckons and Kenyans will be looking for destinations to blow off work steam. Weekends provide ample time one might need to learn new things and meet new people while...

Developers open up leafy suburbs to buyers

Investor interest in these areas has seen the areas post a double digit asking price increases over a one-year period by 10.1% to Ksh58.2 million for Karen and by 15.7% to Ksh5.9 million for Lang’ata