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High-Tech Paint Plant Powers Isuzu Output To 18,000 Vehicles

Electro-Deposition Paint Plant launched launched by Isuzu East Africa is expected  to increase the assembly capacity for the local automotive industry. The paint plant increases Isuzu’s production capacity by more than 60% - from 11,000 vehicles per year to 18,000 vehicles. Isuzu East Africa’s Managing Director,...

Sidian Bank Partners With Isuzu To Provide Financing For Commercial Vehicles

Sidian Bank, an SME focused lender, has partnered with Isuzu East Africa to provide 95% financing on new school buses and 90% financing on new commercial vehicles. The programme dubbed “Chomoka na Uomoke” supports the lender’s vision of supporting entrepreneurs to "own tomorrow".  The bank...

Saccos to Acquire PSV Buses Without Paying a Cent

In the asset financing, the Isuzu NQR 33-seater buses will be available to members of Metro Trans and Super Metro Saccos.

Isuzu Targets SMEs with 13% Loans Interest Rate Deal with NCBA

Isuzu has been roping in banks to finance their cutomers to buy its trucks

Isuzu targets SMEs with cold chain logistics trucks

Leading vehicle assembler, Isuzu East Africa on Thursday moved ahead of its rivals with the introduction of their first ever locally assembled cold chain logistics vehicles. The assembler is targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which form the cream of the country’s supply chain including...

Trader Turns Cold Nights Into Coolers for Export Produce

In the wee hours of the morning, different business interests conspire to cause traffic snarl-ups on major roads in Kenyan cities. Entrepreneurs, private motorists, PSV drivers and cargo transporters are all in a race. Time is of essence for a large majority of this lot,...