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Digital Footprint a Danger to Your Safety, Loved Ones

Have you ever wondered about the kind of people who can correctly predict your daily routines and what they can do with that information? Well, if you share...

Kenyan Tech Firm Unveils New Identity as it Embraces Cloud, E-Commerce Solutions

Kenyan tech firm Compulynx Ltd has diversified its offerings to include cloud-enabled applications and e-commerce solutions. Moving the applications to the cloud means consumers, for example...

Don’t be conned: NSSF warns against identity thieves

The message asks recipients to check whether they are on the list of those who qualify to withdraw the funds in a scheme meant to steal their particulars

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Perfectionism: Are You a Perfectionist?

Perfectionism can be defined as the propensity to think and believe that anything short of perfect is an abject failure while having concerns over mistakes and subjecting oneself to harsh and critical self-evaluations when the output fails to produce sought-after satisfaction and excellence. Am I a perfectionist?

Smart Doors: How You Can Control Access to Your House on Mobile

Many operators of Airbnb in Nairobi and other cities are using this technology to manage their clients access to accommodation and lodging facilities using smart doors and smart switches.

Fatal Accidents Report Reveals Most Dangerous Roads in Mombasa

The report, which spotlights roads with highest accident rates at the coast, offers chilling trends, including, among others, statistics that show significantly more men die in road accidents.

These Awards Prove Co-op Bank’s Positive Economic Impact

Co-op Bank Awards point to the fact that the bank is doing not only doing things right but also doing the right things for its customers and the industry.

After More Than Half a Century, USA is Going Back to the Moon

A United States of America (USA) rocket bound for...