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Hell on Earth: Hunger-Related Deaths Hit Horrific Level

Despite an improved response to the 2017 East Africa drought when widespread famine was averted, the national and global responses have largely remained too slow and too limited to prevent a repeat today.

Avocado suppresses hunger and increases meal satisfaction

A fresh avocado in a meal increase satisfaction and significantly suppresses hunger in obese adults, a new study reveals. The research released by the Center for Nutrition Research at Illinois Institute of Technology assessed the underlying physiological effects of including whole and half fresh avocados...

Kenyans die as drought and hunger ravages 13 counties

About one million people in the country are facing drought and hunger with two people reported dead of starvation in Turkana county with many others staring at the same fate. The two, a man and a woman, are said to have died last week while...

Climate change threatening economic and development gains in Africa

For the first time in over a decade, world hunger is on the rise, affecting 11% of the global population, according to recent estimates from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

Tough times ahead as Sh90 unga nears end

Sources indicate Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett said the government is not willing to extend the subsidy programme as the harvest season approaches

Five facts on the Sh75 packet unga that are not so appetising

The government has launched a cheaper maize flour brand in the market which will sell at half the current retail price of Ksh150. Water and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, who launched the Ksh75 two-kilo Unga Galana packet on Wednesday, said it will be...