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Bad Rating Pushes Real Estate Firm Deeper Into Red Ink

The loss came despite the company reporting a 233% growth in gross revenue, adjusted for percentage of completion.

Ongata Rongai Villas Target Luxury Home Buyers

Ten Villas Project Manager Wycliffe Mosioma said the houses are attracting growing interest locally and abroad.

Why it’s Expensive Living in Nairobi, Making Ends Meet

Major towns in the outskirts of Nairobi City were continually experiencing a rising rental trend

New mall owners counting losses as Kenya’s economy slows down

Prime residential rents reduced by 1.7%, taking the annualised decline to 3.3% in the year to June

Broken home? Housing tax in limbo as FKE refutes government notice

Contradictory messages has left the government and the Federation of Kenya Employees (FKE) at loggerheads over the implementation of the housing levy. While the government has directed that the new tax will be implemented in May, FKE has rebutted by calling the state's move "unlawful". FKE...

Shelter Afrique: Housing crisis hits millions in Africa

Majority of African countries are facing a housing crisis as a result of high population growth, increased urbanization and low supply of affordable housing, the Pan-African housing development financier, Shelter Afrique, has said. Speaking in Nairobi at the inauguration of Karibu Homes, a low-cost housing...