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Top Five Online Dating Schemes Fraudsters Are Using These Days

Dating threats: as online dating popularity continues to grow so do the threats from cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerable individuals.

Free Meals Breaking Men’s Hearts as Women Prowl

Research says women who believe in traditional gender roles that men should be breadwinners were more likely to make 'foodie calls'.

Kindness Likely to Win You a Spouse

Kindness is a virtue most people look for in a long-term partner, a new study has revealed. The study conducted at Swansea University and published by the Journal of Personality attracted over 2,700 participants from across the world. While traits like physical attractiveness and financial prospects...

The fool’s guide to dating your junior or employee

.As the cliché goes, love is like a cough, it cannot be hidden. Love affairs in the workplace have been rampant in the 21st century. It’s no a strange thing to hear of people working in the same company dating, be it an employee...