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Kenya Records 278 Million Cyberattacks In 3 Just Months

Check Point Software reveals that the number of cyberthreats reported to the Kenyan National Cyber Crime Centre (NCC) in the first quarter of the 2022/23 year rose by almost 200%.

Africa’s Next Crop Of Billionaires Going Up In Space

Space commercialisation boom is also evident as it has translated into creating about half of the NewSpace companies operational in the continent.

Steps SMEs Can Take to Improve Their Cyber-Security

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the threat is not always immediately identified plus it is widely assumed that SMEs dont face attacks

The Billion-Shilling Threat to Banks by Young Techies in Nairobi Estates

In 2018 and 2019, cyber criminals made away with at least Sh2.6 billion

Tech Firm Bets on Defence Centre to Counter Cyber Threats

The cyber threats intelligence centre will help companies to develop a proactive cyber resilience strategy to prevent cyber attacks.

Huawei navigates 5G fears amid cyber security spotlight

Tech company has been under fire over concerns on its 5G development as well as cyber security