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Loophole or Greed? Insurers Slap Kenyans With New Curfew Rules

The rules are bound to affect numerous livelihoods, but one thing most did not consider is the implications of the address on their insurance agreements particularly for those with vehicle insurance covers against accidents and other occurrences.

Uhuru Extends Curfew for 60 Days, Bans Political Gatherings

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday, March 12 gave Kenyans the latest update on measures being taken to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Kenya.

Uhuru Extends Curfew By a Further 60 Days, Bars to be Reopened

President makes it clear that the government will only reopen schools once it is certain that it is safe enough to let back children back

Uhuru Extends Nationwide Curfew by 21 Days

President also closes Kenya's borders on Tanzania and Somalia

For Ignoring Pertinent Advice, Kenyans Earn Themselves a Curfew

Kenyans have not taken advice seriously until this point