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Appellate Court Ruling Keeps Sarrai Group Off Mumias Sugar

The Court of Appéal has temporarily upheld the High Court ruling of 4th April, 2022 that locked out Sarrai Group from Mumias Sugar company. In their ruling on Friday, 23rd September, three appellate court judges said the applicants had demonstrated an appeal that would...

Matrimonial Property: 50-50 Split Ruling Overturned

The issue of whether matrimonial property should be split equally is also pending determination at the Supreme Court.

Sacked Bank Employees Kiss Sh600 Million Pay Goodbye

In 2018, the High Court gave Barclays Bank of Kenya (now Absa Kenya) 30 days to pay 105 senior managers it had retrenched.

Relief for KRA in Prof. Ojienda tax compliance case

Stay of execution issued in favour of KRA pending taxman's intended appeal

Court ruling clears path for printing of new look currency

The move by The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to award the tender to British firm had been contested at the High Court and at a public procurement watchdog

DCJ Mwilu secures release with Sh5 million bond

The Deputy Chief Justice had earlier been arrested at the Supreme Court