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How Simple Internet Skills Can Help SMEs Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has left the world an uncertain place right now. We're all learning how to deal with a pandemic of this stature. The realties we knew a month ago now seem very far away. While most sectors have been affected by this pandemic,...

Respiratory Diseases’ Response Rate in Kenya Proves the Country’s Capability in Dealing with Covid-19

Just days after the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Kenya, everyone in the country is racing up to be safe from the virus. Covid-19, from the Coronavirus family, is a respiratory disease and many medical professionals have termed it as a cold. It...

Public Gatherings Banned as Kenya Confirms First COVID-19 Case

First case involves a Kenyan citizen jetting into Kenya from US

With 2% Death Toll, Here’s What The World Fears About Corona Virus

The coronavirus has only killed 2% of those infected. The scariest thing about the virus is not the death toll but how fast it can spread.

Chinese Embassy, Kenya’s Ministry of Health Promise More Flights From China

The Chinese embassy and the Kenyan Ministry of Health have both said that there will be one flight from Guangzhou to Nairobi every week.

Kenya Airways Suspends Flights to China

Airline has been on the receiving end over failure to suspend flights to the Asian Country