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With 2% Death Toll, Here’s What The World Fears About Corona Virus

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Governments and states from all over the world are gearing up in preparation of how to deal with the coronavirus in case it breaks into their region.

Kenya has also played its part after the president’s executive order. It has been well over a month since the first case of the coronavirus was reported in Wuhan China. The virus has not spread much but everyone is well prepared to handle it in the event it spreads to them.

The virus is similar to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) which was also a threat when it broke out in 2003. SARS belongs to the same family as the current COVID-19, the coronavirus family.

The world has seen a similar version of the coronavirus and dealt with it. However, it is not certain that this new version of the virus can be dealt with like SARS was.

Speaking to a Business Today reporter, Ashi Dhanani the chief pharmacist at Nairobi Enterprises Limited (NEL), said that almost the same equipment used to deal with SARS is being employed right now.

“It has been the same precautions that have been given in both cases. For SARS, it was an incubation period, total isolation,” Ashi remarked, “In both cases face masks are used for prevention measures but it is with the new Covid-19 that hand sanitizers are also used for prevention.”

The Risk of Covid-19

Ever since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in China, 2% of all infected people have died from the virus so far. The main threat that is feared with the virus is how fast it can spread. The virus is more likely to be difficult to handle if it spreads all over the world.

With medical experts on their toes trying to come up with the virus’ vaccine, all everyone can do is protect themselves. The virus is more like a cold and mainly affects the body’s respiratory system.

“It is recommended that you always take a hot shower, sanitize your hands every 20 minutes and use a face mask at all times. If you think you see the symptoms then isolate yourself for 14 days,” Ashi advises o how to keep yourself safe from the virus.

In what she terms as a coincidence, Ashi’s NEL had the equipment required to contain the virus way before the virus even broke out. The company is already supplying to Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA).

“It was a coincidence because we started manufacturing face masks and hand sanitizers and have been supplying to KEMSA for over a year now,” noted Ashi.

KEMSA is taking in stocks of face masks and hand sanitizers in preparation of the corona virus. However, no patient has been diagnosed with the same in Kenya so far.

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