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Christians Condemn Pastor Jun Kwang-Hoon Over Blasphemous Remarks

Christians in Korea said on the 24th December 2019 members of the CCK should quit CCK, arguing that there is no salvation in it.

Korean Christian Movement Wins Converts in Kenya

The graduation, which was held also in Kenya, was a culmination of six months of Bible study in Shincheonji’s Zion Mission Center.

Of Suicide and the Sixth Commandment

Life is precious. And life is a struggle, for everyone. We all have good and bad days, that is the recipe for life. Let not that beautiful smile, hearty laughter, big cars or trendy clothes deceive you, we are all struggling with something. However, when...

Mavuno Church Invests Millions in Public Primary Schools

The church says that this is “with the aim of restoring dignity and hope to children in these schools”.

Church pulls in different directions in war against graft

Proverbs 29:4 " By justice a king gives a country stability, but those who are greedy for bribes tear it down. Preaches Archbishop of the Anglican Church Jackson Ole Sapit, not during a church service, but during a press conference. Without mincing his words, the...

Kenya’s Richest Churches Reaping Billions From Worshipers

An analysis of audited financial statements of some of Kenya's leading churches show how religion has become a big financial enterprise with members contributing hundreds of millions in tithes and offerings every year. Annual earnings from Kenya's biggest churches would leave any CEO in...