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How to Apply For The Co-op Bank Used Car Loan

Owning a car is no longer a status symbol. It is regarded as a necessary upgrade that makes life smoother in a country where public transport is chaotic. Mornings and evenings present a nightmare for many Kenyans who commute to school and work. Read >>...

Co-op Bank Offers 100% Financing For Buying Used Cars

Co-operative Bank has launched a credit facility for buying used cars, giving a major lift for thousands of Kenyans aspiring to have their own vehicles.

Five Reasons To Give When Applying For A Car Loan

In the modern times, the ownership of a car is slowly moving away from being a luxury to a necessity. Ownership of a car comes with a lot of conveniences including privacy, flexibility, independence, and the ability to handle emergencies in real time. However, not...

Mwananchi To Refinance Distressed Car Loans From Other Lenders

Mwananchi Credit’s CEO Dennis Mombo said, “The current economic times have become tough due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has resulted in an unprecedented amount of car loan borrowers from most institutions  falling behind their payment terms."

Mwananchi Relaxes Terms For Logbook Loans To Broaden Credit Access

Logbook loans: In an unprecedented move, Mwananchi Credit Ltd has relaxed specific terms to broaden the scope of those who qualify for credit under its logbook loans. Logbook loan applicants will no longer be required to present bank statements for previously six months and...

Toyota Kenya, NIC Bank offer unique car loans scheme

A agreement deal signed on Wednesday will see NIC Bank gift clients a 90 days loan repayment grace period, in addition to a one-year free motor vehicle insurance cover