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The Highs And Lows Of Betty Kyallo, Sisters Show As Season 2 Ends

Kyallo Kulture has always been, above all, about sisterhood, and in Season 2 we have witnessed the charm of it - the ups that gave us wholesome moments as the sisters led by Betty Kyallo spent time together.

How Betty Kyallo Sister Mercy Almost Dìed Selling Her Eggs

Mercy Kyallo, the sister to former TV queen Betty Kyallo, has touched off heated debate after revealing some personal details about her life which, while not unusual, appear to have shocked a section of Kenyans.

Betty Kyallo And Sisters Wash Their Dirty Linen In Public

Now, for the first time ever, Betty Kyallo sisters are opening up all aspects of their lives in their new reality series Kyallo Kulture, now streaming on Showmax.

Betty Kyallo Reality Series ‘Kyallo Kulture’ Coming To Showmax

Kyallo Kulture, a new Kenyan reality series about Betty Kyallo and her sisters Mercy and Gloria, is set to premiere on Showmax on 17 June 2022. The 13-part reality series will dive into the personal lives of Betty Kyallo, one of Kenya’s most prominent...

It’s a Tough Life For Betty Kyallo Out There

To stay afloat, she has implemented a number of strategies. "The secret is always knowing how to have your comeback. For us, we did a few things to make sure our customers are still catered for, like reducing the prices. It makes the customer feel that you are considerate," she said.

Betty Kyallo’s New Reality Show and Why it Has Fans Excited

Betty, one of Kenya's most influential personalities, is set to pull back the curtains on her life taking viewers behind-the-scenes, beyond the glitz and glamour. The show will also feature Betty's sisters Mercy and Gloria Kyallo.