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Badi Muhsin Last Moments: Gravesite Visit, Lunch, Sleep – Phew!

Badi Muhsin was among a group of experienced – some retired – anchors recruited in June as KBC rebranded. Muhsin joined the legends category of presenters featuring retired anchors such as Catherine Kasavuli, Fayyaz Qureishi and Pauline Sheghu. Badi has been hosting the Saturday evening Kiswahili edition of legends with Pauline Sheghu.

Catherine Kasavuli Speaks On Her Return, But Some Kenyans Aren’t Happy About It

News of her return captured the mood social media users and within a few hours she was trending on twitter. Catherine Kasavuli is one of the most remarkable and respectable TV personalities in Kenya, boasting a career spanning over 30 years. Ms Kasavuli anchored her last news bulletin on 4th July 2013. Eight years later, she is making a grand comeback on the screen, thanks to a new deal she has signed with KBC to anchor weekend news.