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Subsidized Fertilizer: Where to Buy, Full Price List and More Details

Individual farmers will be able to access a maximum of 100 50kg bags at the subsidized prices

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The government has published details of the fertilizer subsidy programme, one of the top priorities of President William Ruto a week into the job. The National Treasury has availed Ksh3.55 billion to subsidize 71,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer, or around 1.42 million 50kg bags, for growing food crops.

The subsidized fertilizer will be available from September 19th at National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) depots and sub-depots countrywide. Individual farmers will be able to access a maximum of 100 50kg bags at the subsidized prices.

Farmers requiring fertilizers in short-rains dependent areas were advised to visit their nearest NCPB depot or sub-depot to access the subsidized fertilizer. Available fertilizer options are DAP, CAN, UREA, NPK, MOP and Sulphate of Ammonia (Scroll on for full price list ).

“To actualize the Presidential directive, the subsidized fertilizer programme will start with counties undertaking planting during the short rains season of 2022,” a statement noted, disclosing that the program would support cultivation of approximately 1.4 million acres.

The government cited the economic impact of Covid-19 and the situation in Ukraine for contributing to the high cost of inputs. It highlighted the need to bring down input costs to improve agricultural productivity.

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In his campaigns, Ruto maintained that his administration would prioritize investment in agriculture to address perennial food insecurity. Initiatives he has promised include improving agro-processing and implementing various county economic charters which include agriculture projects in various regions.

Ruto in his inauguration on Tuesday, September 13 announced that the subsidy would see the price of fertilizer drop by 50% to Ksh3,500 per bag. It is intended to help boost food production as part of efforts to bring down the surging cost of living driven by high food and fuel prices.

See the full subsidized price list below:

DAP – Ksh3500

CAN – Ksh2875

UREA – Ksh3500

NPK – Ksh3275

MOP – Ksh1775

Sulphate of Ammonia – Ksh2220

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