Students in secondary schools donated over 130,000 pints of b***d for use in Kenyan hospitals in the year, according to the Deputy Director of Kenya National B***d Transfusion Service Josephine Githaiga.

Dr Githaiga said the donation constituted 80% of 170,000 pints of b***d the service secured from Kenyans during b***d donation campaign in the year.

She was speaking at the Ministry of E*******n headquarters at Jogoo House moments before handing over a Trophy to the Senior Deputy Secretary Janet Mucheru, in appreciation of the Ministry’s support for the organisation. Mrs. Mucheru received the trophy on behalf of Basic E*******n Principal Secretary, Dr Belio Kipsang.

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She said the ministry gave the service tremendous support through the schools in discharging its  mandate which is to collect, test, and process and distribute b***d and b***d products to all transfusing hospitals in the country.

She said b***d from students was safer from i********s such as HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis.

Acting Director General Robert Masese said the b***d donation created an opportunity for students to learn to give something precious to the community without being paid.

“It is more important if young people learn to donate and save a life as it helps mainstream them into patriotism for their nation,” Masese said.

Also present was Director for Special Needs E*******n Maria Cherono, among other senior officials.


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