Greenlight Planet, a global leader in solar power devices designed for off-grid homes, has  launched the more affordable Sun King Pico for just Ksh799.

For hundreds of millions of off-grid homes who spend upwards of Ksh300 per week on kerosene on lighting, the Pico pays for itself in less than three weeks. But kerosene cost savings are only a secondary benefit of Sun King Pico. 

After a single day of solar charging, Sun King Pico yields six hours of constant white light, three times brighter than that of a kerosene lamp.  When the battery runs low after six hours of “turbo mode” bright light, the built-in intelligent microchip switches the lamp to its low-power mode, providing additional hours of backup light.

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For millions of off-grid families around the world, this new product has the potential to transform lives. Sun King Pico means that kids never have to squint through the dim and smoky light of kerosene to read their textbooks, and they don’t have to stop studying because the fuel ran out.  It means families can feels secure all night long, leaving a small night-light to ward off the darkness.

The days of the kerosene lamp are truly numbered.  “For the majority of off-grid homes around the world, an $8 solar light is a major household investment,” explains Greenlight Planet’s founder and CTO, Patrick Walsh. “With the Pico, we’ve introduced the industry’s most durable, most affordable solar home light designed to serve off-grid families for many years after purchase.”

Unlike low quality alternatives that use cheap, epoxy-based solar panels, the Pico is constructed using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) technology, designed to withstand heat and rain for many years. The Pico’s digital microprocessor actively controls battery charging and LED driving, delivering constant output, as compared to low cost, analog alternative products that dim over time and provide limited night-time light output. The Pico provides up to 72 hours of light after a single day of charge.

“With its long-lasting lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) battery technology, drop-proof single-body design and global two year warranty, we’re believe the Sun King Pico is the best, most accessible energy investment for off-grid families in search of a brighter future,” says Walsh.


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