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Six tips on how to prepare a road trip of your life

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How time flies! The holiday season is back with us, it’s just the right time to start planning the season, and avoid last minute rush. What more refreshing than a winding road trip in the company of love and laughter, if you plan to hit the highway, Jumia Travel has some tips to give you a memorable end of year experience.

1. Check the route, mark the stops, unearth the hidden course

Unlike a plane, grinding on the steel rail, or hopping onto a bus; you will be the sole captain of the trip. Find enough time to familiarize yourself with the route, check out reviews from other road trippers and remember to ask for any interesting, adventurous or scenic spots en-route. Take advantage of technology and download any apps or tools you find useful while on the road. While at it, map out gas stations and related facilities; forewarned equals forearmed. For the best of both worlds, a highly satisfying self-drive road trip can be complimented by a well thought out package with the aid of reputable operators.

2. Car in top-notch conditions

Your ride or die needs to be in top-notch condition before you hit the wheel. Get a thorough check to ensure or hooks and crooks are at their best and ready to prowl the land. For safety purposes, pack in extra tyres, any needful signage, toolbox and any other items you deem necessary for the journey.

3. Pack aplenty, not in-excess

Your suitcase or rucksack need not add tons of weight to your car; the last thing you need is unnecessary baggage on the road. Pack what you need and plan to use, and ensure your travel mates adhere to the minimalist rule as well. Depending on where you are headed and your accommodation plan, you will consider adequate space for items as coolers, burners, tents and even food suppliers. Make sure your luggage does not end up slowing you down or hogging up every comfort in the car.

4. Make an entertainment plan

You cannot let yourself get bored on the road; download music, take turns to read a book if you are in company of book lovers, play mental games; love and laugh. Remember the most fun is in the journey, the stretches between the flag off and the finish line. Every little milestone, be it a difficult territory, an uphill climb, a rolling plain or a treacherous valley should give you one more reason to celebrate your trip. Be your captain’s cheerleader.

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5. Update your insurance, clean up your records

Travel insurance is vital, ensure such elements as road rescue, medical insurance, out of network cover and transport back home. Truth is, we all pay insurance and pray never to have to claim it. But for the sake of May Day intervention, ensure you are covered. While on the paperwork, check your license, border clearance and required vaccinations.

6. Keep your Plan Loose

Who knows, the fog may fall on you, the fuel prices can rocket right in front of your windscreen leaving you with no options but to make a turn. If nature antagonizes your plans, do not defy. You’d rather get home and curl and live to fight another day


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Lilian Gaitho is Head of PR & Communication at Jumia Travel.She has years of experience in journalism, public relations strategies and corporate communications.
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