In this modern era where information is power, the internet is a vital tool that every business in the digital age should have.

Whether it is a new business or a giant mogul in the industry, all companies should have an online presence.

Business Today interviewed two entrepreneurs on why online presence is a key to the success of a business.

Be open 24/7

An online presence beats the normal opening hours for a physical shop. “Clients are able to visit my online pages anytime of the day and still place an order,” says Ms Zipporah Mwangi owner of Bags and Fashion 254 an online retail and wholesale store in Nairobi. Online has made shopping convenient for busy individuals who cannot visit a shop due to work or businesses.

Get new customers everyday

For a business to thrive, it needs to be where the customers are. There are about 3.5 billion people online and an average person spends about 4-5 hours on the internet.

“A huge percentage of my customers found my work online. We are then able to communicate more effectively through various social media platforms. And each day my online presence gives me new clients,” notes Ms Marion Wanjiru founder of Malya Interiors.

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Beat the competition

It is very likely that your business competitors have a digital page. Potential customers looking for your products and services could end up on your competitor’s site.

“Being online with an active presence makes my pages get more visits as it is interesting to get new posts from yesterday unlike when a page is dormant,” shares Ms Mwangi.

Become and control your brand

The internet provides many exciting opportunities to be creative and exhibit your work and proving to netizens why you are a better choice than your competitors.

“I have been able to build my brand a lot faster online despite being a medium enterprise. I can also control it to meet certain criteria that I have set for my company,” says Ms Mwangi.

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Gain Reputation

An online presence opens one’s business to a world of opportunities and builds trust through online reviews, stars and testimonials. If a potential clients sees this on the digital platform, they are highly likely to ask for your products or services.

“The positive feedback I have received from my clients online has expanded my customer base. They feel like they can trust me and have confidence in my brand. Someone visiting my sites for the first time gives me instant credibility,” notes Ms Wanjiru.

Save on advertising fees

The best thing about having an online presence is that, marketing products and services is absolutely free. The hustle is gaining more followers and having positive testimonials and five star ratings.

The youngest self-made billionaire, Kyle Jenner, attributed her online presence as the biggest drive to selling her products without making traditional advertising to the main stream media.

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