Consulting firm Deloitte reports that while infrastructure projects on the continent rose last year, East Africa recorded a significant drop.

Statistics from the third annual Deloitte African Constitution Trends Report 2014 shows a 55% drop in infrastructure projects from 2013. Only 51 projects were identified in 2014 compared to 93 the previous year.

Thanks to foreign investors and fund managers, Kenya had the largest capital infrastructure projects implemented in East Africa in 2014 followed by Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda. Governments own most of the projects.

International development finance institutions financed most of these projects, while governments increased their funding by 15% from 2013. Head of infrastructure and capital projects at Deloitte East Africa, Dr Mark Smith attributed this to political instability, land issues, and regional involvement.

“Significant number of projects are in the planning phase, which have not yet reached the financial close hence not reflecting in the statistics of projects under construction,” added Smith.


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