Real Estate Tycoon Gives a New Lease of Life For the Deaf

Mwenda Thuranira MySpace Properties
Myspace CEO Mwenda Thuranira (left), Faith Ntinyari’s daughter watch as Dr Richard Mwangi attends to Ms Faith Ntinyari. [ Photo / Courtesy ]

Real estate company, Myspace Properties, has announced a partnership with Doctors of Hearing at IncusEar Hearing & ENT Centre to transform and enhance the lives of the deaf. The partnership will be spearheaded by Myspape Properties CEO Mwenda Thuranira and Dr Richard Mwangi, an audiology medic at Doctors of Hearing Healthcare.

Dr Mwangi has experience of 15 years providing a full range of diagnostic audiological evaluations and treatment for impaired hearing. He is also a correspondent in the American Journal of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery and has authored several articles on hearing healthcare. Mr Mwangi holds a master’s degree in Clinical Audiology and hearing therapy from the renowned International University of Isabel De Castilla Buros, Spain.

“He spearheads this partnership and is on the road to ensure Kenyans who cannot secure good hearing healthcare due to financial strains are catered for,” Myspace Properties said in a statement. Among the first beneficiaries of the project is Faith Ntinyari, a 48-year-old mother of three, who lives in Isiolo County.

Mistaking her hearing problems for common conditions, she has grappled with this condition, hoping from one hospital to another without much help. She says that she learnt about Mwenda Thuranira, CEO Myspace Properties, and the partnership, through another beneficiary of the partnership.

“I am very happy,” Ms Ntinyari said. “Mr Mwenda Thuranira paid everything for me, even
transport. I can now hear and improve my small business.”

Mr Thuranira, who is eyeing Isiolo North parliamentary seat, said: “Hearing when people talk is an underrated blessing. I am moved when people’s lives get better.”


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