American R&B star R Kelly performing during the 2013 BET Awards Show. The singer has been arrested again on sex crime related charges.

American R&B singer R Kelly was on Thursday arrested on sex trafficking charges five months after being released on a Ksh100 million bond.

The 52 year old singer and I am a flirt hitmaker is facing obstruction of justice charges as well as 13 counts of federal sex crime including child pornography.

Speaking to journalists US attorney spokesperson Joseph Fitzpatrick said that more details will be divulged on Friday.

R Kelly was arrested in Chicago in February on 10 counts involving four women, three of whom were minors when the alleged abuse occurred.

In May prosecutors added 11 more sex related counts to the charges facing R Kelly after a woman came out accusing him of abusing her while she was underage.

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All the accusations levelled against Kelly are on alleged crimes that took place between 1998 and 2010.

The RnB star pleaded not guilty to the charges and has since defended himeself fiercely saying that the accusations are meant to tarnish his reputation and to “kill him”.

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Confirming his client’s arrest, R Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg told the Chicago Sun-Times that Kelly’s arraignemnt date and time is yet to be set.

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