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PZ Cussons unveils hair damage control solution

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Personal care products manufacturer PZ Cussons has introduced a new range of premium hair products that are designed to work together to restore damaged hair and prevent further damage.

Speaking when he presided over the official launch of the new solution in Nairobi, PZ Cussons East Africa Managing Director Sekar Ramamoorthy said that hair damage as a result of several factors is a huge problem for Kenyan women. “Furthermore, we have carried out research that reveals 70 per cent of women seeking salon services every week cite hair breakage and flaky scalp as their main problem,” he said.

This, he explained was because of the way African women’s hair is genetically structured. Breakage, he noted, is also caused by damage to the hair’s cortex. This type of damage makes the hair fragile, so that it breaks easily. Excessive heat styling, chemical and color over-processing, vigorous brushing, excessive combing, pulling and using harsh hair products can cause damage to the cortex. Damaged hair loses moisture, cuticles become broken or ‘lifted’ and the protective protein layer becomes damaged.

Known as the Venus Platinum Hair Damage Control strength and repair solution, the new range is the first of its kind in the African continent. The formulation is an adoption of the Charles Worthington Hair care range from PZ Cussons Beauty Divison in the United Kingdom and is an award-winning portfolio of products available worldwide and used to style A-list celebrities for red-carpet events in collaboration with some of the best names in the fashion and beauty industry worldwide.

The range comes as set of three products; which must be used together; Shampoo, Conditioner and treatment, in that order or a combination of two of the products with the shampoo being a must.

Developed with key strengthening technology of Keratin and Hydrolyzed keratin, the solution work on the inside and outside of the hair to make the hair 97% stronger, which means 97% less hair breakage.  The formulations are nourishing with argan and jojoba oil in the conditioner to help detangle and smoothens the hair shaft. The replenishing and strengthening treatment replaces lost moisture, rebuilds the surface protective layer and repairs damaged cuticles. The Shampoo is mild and gentle yet effectively cleans and removes dirt and oils from the hair.

The products are sulphate and paraben free which makes them suitable for all hair types, whether natural, coloured, or chemically relaxed.

Through the firm’s technical team, the range was extensively tested on African hair and proven to deliver the promise. The test is done by having human hair tresses treated with the test regime, comb / brush the hair tresses 100 times in a controlled manner and measure the number of broken hairs from each tress. The test was done on hair tresses that have been chemically relaxed 3 times (average 6 months period) – consumers chemically relax /’retouch’ their hair every 2 months.

The firm also unveiled the revamped range of existing products, with refreshed packaging and enhanced formulations on the Venus Antibreakage, Antidandruff and Moisturising range.

The firm will roll out intensive multi-level marketing campaign to support the range which will include partnerships with leading hairstylists like Farouk and the renowned 3-stylists, digital engagement on various online platforms as well as rolling out Venus Hair Damage control centres where consumers can go and experience the new products

Research by Euromonitor has shown that African hair costs six times more to maintain than Caucasian and Asian hair.

The biggest challenge that most African women face is  preventing and restoring damaged hair following a period of braiding, styling and setting which are also a very expensive processes as on average, a typical trip to do any of them could cost up to Ksh 5,000. With some of these hair styles lasting not more than a week, many women easily spend Ksh 20,000 a month.

And even though some may resort to wearing wigs and weaves, the resultant hair damage from the initial process of braiding, excessive styling, relaxing and setting the hair increasingly becomes apparent. Thus, Ramamoorthy explained that the Venus Platinum Damage Control Solution under the flagship of STRENGTH & REPAIR RANGE had come at a right time.

“We see a potential market of at least 10 million people in Kenya alone, and another similar number across the East African region,” said Managing Director Sekar Ramamoorthy while placing total potential annual sales for hair damage control at Ksh 5 billion.

The Venus Platinum Hair Damage Control solution is a new range of products designed as a combined formula to scientifically prevent and treat hair damage and restore hair to great health. Ramamoorthy explained that in introducing the new Venus Platinum range, PZ Cussons was repositioning the brand as a leading hair management solutions provider and strengthening its personal care corporate offering.


“We started the journey towards our being seen as more than soap manufacturing firm three years ago and I am glad that with this new solution, we have expanded the range of products on offer and brought international innovation to our local and regional consumers,” he said. The firm expects the Venus Platinum Hair Damage Control Solution to save women at least 30% of their annual expenditures on hair management.

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