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5 Constructive Ways to Spend Your Time Browsing

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The internet, which has become a powerful tool in the information era, is vast and contains anything and everything. From how to party, how to make my first million, how to cook, why I keep failing exams among tonnes of other information.

Social media, however, tends to gobble up most of online activity for millennials . Some socialize, others run their business, campaigns, or schooling.

It is very easy for a user to get bored since one is stuck to a few websites like social media, just to pass time.

Nonetheless, one can do productive things on the internet that either generate income or counts as constructive use of time

Most Productive things to do on the internet are:

1. Online Jobs

In Kenya, about 30 percent of youths generate income from online jobs. In these jobs, they are either employed or employing other young adults. These jobs range from online writing, transcribing, data entry, digital marketing, web and graphic designs among others.

Kenyans are so good at research and writing academic papers online that the United Kingdom(UK) described it as the hotbed of academic dishonesty. Well, this has not just given the unemployed graduates a place to bury their heads, but they mint hundreds of thousands depending on the assignment monthly.

2. Learning new Skills

One can sign up for an academic course that can enhance their skills set. The beauty of online courses is that one does not need to attend the classes, hence it can be done at the comfort of one’s home. As the world is evolving, very fast thanks to technology, one needs to upgrade their skills now and then. Online Certification also enhances the resume.

Videos on YouTube that show tutorials on a wide range of disciplines also come in handy. Next time you go to YouTube, don’t just search for the latest video song, try learning a new skill.

3. Update Professional and Personal Life

Many people got their current jobs through the internet. As a matter of fact, most employers will look up at a person’s internet presence before hiring them.

It is, therefore, important, to keep a clean track of your social media accounts. Posting hateful, inciting words might cost you a dream job.

However, having an updated internet presence might increase one’s chances of landing a good job or training.

4. Selling Products

Online shopping is much convenient than the physical one which can be tiresome. This, hence implies that many people on the internet looking to buy new stuff every day.

This presents a business opportunity to be selling clothes, shoes, furniture, hair and skin products online.

Many youths in Kenya have evolved their business to have an online presence so as to reach a wider audience for their goods and services. It is, in fact, projected that businesses that do not have an online presence will not survive a five-year mark.

5. Watching Documentaries and Motivational videos

Knowledge is power. In order to have the knowledge, a University degree is not enough, more needs to be known. Every day, scientists and researchers are discovering new animals, plants, rocks, diseases, medicine and many more.

This information expands one’s knowledge in their field of discipline. It is important to learn something new every day, and documentaries and motivational videos give internet users that platform.

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