A photo of a journalist with national broadcaster, the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), carrying a disabled beggar following an attack by bees at the Supreme Court in Nairobi on Wednesday has gone viral on social media with many hailing his heroic act.

While fellow journalists, protesters and security agents scampered for safety, Victor Mukayane, abandoned his equipment and carried the beggar, who was on a wheel chair to safety hence saving his life. Both were later taken to hospital by first responders for treatment.

“Victor Mukayane risked his life to help a person with disability when a swarm of bees unleashed terror during Supreme Ruling. #SupremeAct,” tweeted NTV news anchor Jane Ngoiri.

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Sports journalist Michelle Katama wrote: “PRICELESS!Photo of a journo carrying a physically challenged begger who was attacked by bees..Hero..(Pix/ Fredrick Onyango)#SupremeRuling.”

“This man surely deserves a presidential award…. Victor Mukayane MBS,” N. Nixon tweeted.

“Wow am touched.. Victor Mukayane risked his life to help a person with disability when a swarm of bees unleased terror during Supreme Ruling. Holiday ya kumwambia asante itaweza ama mnasemaje wakenya wenzangu.. #CelebrateHeroes,” Kabu Simon wrote on Facebook.

It is said that the bees attacked when police, who had lobbed tear gas canisters in a bid to create a buffer zone between NASA and Jubilee supporters, disturbed their beehive.

Some, however, claimed they were unleashed by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

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Bee stings can be lethal if one is allergic or is stung inside the mouth or throat and would need to be taken to hospital for emergency attention. Bee poisoning can lead to abdominal cramping, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, hives, itching and swelling and pain at the site of the sting.

In more severe cases, the venom can lead to a severe decrease in blood pressure and collapse by affecting heart and blood vessels.


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