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Outburst in fun learning ‘Boot Cancer Challenge’ model for cancer awareness

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To celebrate cancer month, outdoors and team-building company Outburst Limited is creating awareness using a fun and games learning model dubbed the Boot Cancer Challenge.

The challenge will be held on October 6 at the Aboretum Park in Nairobi, with Outburst chief executive Mwangi Chege saying that enlightening people on the deadly disease in a manner that is fun but memorable will be top of the agenda.

Cancer is the third highest cause of mortality in Kenya, with the Ministry of Health estimating an average of 30,000 cancer deaths in Kenya in 2012.

Through the Kenya National Cancer Control Strategy of 2017-2022, the government aims to reduce the high number of cancer fatalities and preventable cancer cases by avoiding major risk factors, maintaining healthy body weight, exercising regularly and addressing infection related factors

Outburst Limited believes that the unique way of addressing cancer awareness campaigns through experiential learning that is slightly physically engaging but interesting and fun will go a long way towards incorporating the public in the fight against cancer.

Using tailor-made outdoor and experiential activities, the Outburst Boot Cancer Challenge will contain a 5 kilometer obstacle challenge race, sack races, mud swimming and slides, rope dances and climbs among a plethora of other activities which the Outburst CEO says are geared towards wellness.


Mr. Chege said the motivation behind the Boot Cancer Challenge is the impact that cancer has had on his life through the suffering it has caused among his relatives. “I lost my father – a leading Movie actor and director, the late Philip Chege to the cancer fight, and mark you that was after losing my father in law, the late Lord Morris, my aunty and two uncles to the deadly tentacles of cancer that we realized we must do something about it.”

The Outburst CEO said that his firm has used a three cooking stone approach that encompasses; giving hope to those living with cancer; educating those within the cancer risk band but who don’t yet have cancer; and making life fun for all while fighting or putting a stop to the cancer spread.

“We are optimistic that Cancer, just like polio, leprosy and marasmus stigma the past will be overcome. This will be done best by working together as a team and hence the need for society to join hands.”

Mwangi Chege, Outburst Limited CEO

Outburst Limited is a registered out-doors experiential and team building company with over 10 years’ experience in corporate and family fun activities.

The sponsors that Outburst has attracted for its unique cancer awareness model include China Africa Friendship Association, Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority, KenGen, The Aga Khan University Hospital-Nairobi and Lang’ata Hospital.

Other partners include; Unicore Projectors, Serena Hotels, Trianum Hospitality, Faraja Cancer Support group, Loreto Convent Msongari, Africa Cancer Foundation, Cancer Child Playgroup Foundation,  A2Z Events, House of Dotty, Bridgeway Adventures, and Flex fitness.

The company says that while for now it is the one sponsoring the event, it projects that the success of the model in future will see corporates jump on board to offer sponsorship for the cancer awareness strategy.


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