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The OPPO RENO2 F is packed with photography-enhancing features that appeal to young and trendy smartphone users. [ Photo / Courtesy ]

OPPO has launched the new Reno2 F in Kenya, its latest smartphone model that stretches the limits of mobile photography.

The Reno2 F model is an improved version of OPPO’s popular Reno series. The new model is packed with photography-enhancing features that certainly appeal to young and trendy smartphone users looking for powerful features.

The Reno2 F is loaded with the Quad-Camera setup, which includes Ultra Wide Angle and Ultra Night Mode 2.0. These features allow users to defy conventional photography by capturing new, fresh perspectives behind the lens and to see the difference in a click.

Wide Angle Lens

The Reno2 F is equipped with four cameras and provides Ultra Wide Angle Lens which gives an impressive 119° angle for photography to shoot vast and boundless landscapes.

The Reno2 F camera has a 48MP primary lens with Electronic Image Stabilization, F1.79 aperture, and a 1/2.25-inch sensor. With Ultra Night Mode 2.0, Reno2 F offers greater adaptability to a wider range of lighting intensity and light ratios. This new feature means no ghost images even in low light.

Elegant look

The Reno2 F features seamless, one-piece curved bodies with a glossier, multi-toned look that shows off different colour shades from different angles. They feature rear cameras that remain hidden under the back cover made from durable 5th Generation Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

The OPPO Reno2 F boasts several exciting colours. Using sophisticated manufacturing techniques, deep hues combine with dream-like detail for grateful, iridescent colours that move under different types of light. The Reno2 F is available in Sky White and Lake Green.

Panoramic Screen

The Reno2 F is also equipped with a 6.5-inchAMOLED screen, 2340×1080 resolution, and a screen-to-body ratio of 91.1%, made from durable 5th Generation Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The Reno2 F features a slightly smaller screen-to-body ratio of 91.1%, made from durable 5th Generation Corning Optical Gorilla® Glass.

The Reno2 F Series is powered by ColorOS 6.1, running on the latest version of Android Pie 9.0, featuring a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

Priced at Ksh39,999 the OPPO Reno2 F is an irresistible real deal given the premium features the smartphone boasts. [ Photo / Pizza Gadget ]

Smoother gaming experience

The Reno2 F offers a complete gaming experience, with optimized features like Touch Boost 2.0, Frame Boost 2.0 and Game Space. Touch Boost 2.0 helps users avoid the common pitfalls of running hardcore titles, while Frame Boost 2.0 analyses the status of mobile performance so that frame rate and stability will be adjusted to prioritize a first-class gaming experience.

Frame Boost 2.0 also allocates resources to avoid the consumption of too much power and the heating of the phone.

The OPPO Reno2 F features fast and safe VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 technology.

This uses a new VFC algorithm, significantly shortening the final 10% of charging time by doubling the trickle charging speed.

Priced at Ksh39,999 the OPPO Reno2 F is an irresistible real deal given the premium features the smartphone boasts. Pre-orders can be made at OPPO outlets across the country for at least 1000 KES deposit or you can purchase the devices from 2nd December 2019 at the OPPO outlets in the country.

To explore the smartphone more, check out the OPPO RENO2 F website.

Value-added features

Camera: The sky is the limit with a 48MP Ultra-clear Main Camera, 8MP Wide Angle Lens, 2MP Mono Lens, and 2MP Portrait Lens. You can always capture your imagination, wherever it takes you, however and whenever you desire.

Ultra Night Mode 2.0: The Reno2 F has the most powerful night mode, powered by multi-frame noise reduction and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging. The Artificial intelligence (AI) layered processing renders background scenery and foreground subjects separately, achieving an attractive background while making sure your true skin tone shines through.

Portrait Bokeh: This feature instantly injects some artistry into your photo. With OPPO RENO2 F can easily adjust the level of blur before taking your shot to quickly bring the subject of your photo into focus.

HDR Portrait: This mode uses HDR imaging to effectively reduce brightness in over-illuminated areas of the portrait and brightens under-illuminated areas.

All-new AI Beauty Mode: Smart skin tone recognition adjusts your skin tone based on the ambient light conditions to ensure your skin appears exactly how you want it. Skin analysis and smoothing is supported for up to 4 individuals in a single photo.

Smart Video Editor:OPPO RENO2 F is equipped with a smart video editor that automatically adds music to match with the timing and transitions of your footage. You can create a masterpiece in minutes.

Free-fall Protection: This feature enables the phone to senses when your it is dropped and promptly retracts the camera.

Atmosphere Light: Colorful indicator lights provide an atmospheric countdown timer for selfies and flash slowly while the camera swivels out and in. The RGB LEDs offer 12 colors to choose from.

Hidden Fingerprint Unlock 3.0: It a 16% Brighter Unlock Area and 11.3% Faster Unlocking Speed

Memory: The Oppo RENO2 F has 8GB RAM and Up to 128GB ROM

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