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New WhatsApp perfect cure for scammers, groups headache

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] number of businesses relying on the social media to thrive will find home in the new WhatsApp messenger application released this year. WhatsApp Business is separate from the popular social app and has several additional features to accommodate small and medium size enterprise communication needs. Many times we’ve found ourselves on groups we immediately quit as users want to advertise anything anywhere at will. With the new application, lies the cure.

Many people who rely on the social app for business use groups that are ever infiltrated by suspect dealers who seek to benefit from or exploit the members. For the case of the new app, one does not need a group but sign up using their business number which the developers verify for authenticity. Unlike on groups, WhatsApp Business enables one to communicate with the company privately throughout their transaction period, a win for many who prefer having their purchase habits private.

WhatsApp Business’ purpose is to enables you to have WhatsApp presence, communicate more efficiently with your customers, and help you grow your business through the use of it’s e-commerce features. Through automation, quick customizable responses to business inquiries can be made to customers. 

Just like the usual WhatsApp, you could still create a group and make blast broadcast messages.

Businesses using the application are capable of labelling conversations as new customers, new orders, pending payments, paid, complete orders or as maybe appropriate for your audience. 

Business users can create their profile and have details like their company website, location and other contact information as email addresses for business.

As a manager or business owner, if entirely depending most of your communications on the platform, it offers a summary of the messages sent, those delivered, read and the ones simply received in as  clear performance statistics. This means the app easily monitors your business daily operations and which organisation could easily assess and strategise for their WhatsApp audience reach.

Its settings have three critical messaging tools. The away message tool enables your business take charge while you are away for a weekend or other businesses. Here you are able to activate automated responses to your customers in a schedule or each time they reach out to you outside business hours.

“Thank you for contacting us.We are however not here (at work, on duty) right now but we will respond as soon as we return.” 

Such would be an automated away message that would keep your customers sorted as long as you have internet connection to your phone.

The other aspect entails use of courteous greeting messages to your first time contacts or those you have not been in touch with for at least 14 days.

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The other tool is for quick responses to your customers. Here you can create keyboard shortcuts attached to your desired messages as when thanking your customers or confirming receipt of payment or dispatch of an order.

It is completely amazing.

Business accounts that have a green checkmark on their profile are verified as authentic users while those with grey budges have been confirmed to be using contacts that match their business brand content information. However, those whose contact information verification has not been done have grey question mark budge on their handles. 

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Joseph Sosi is a reporter with Business Today. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Technology) degree from Maseno University. Previously, he was a sub-editor of Ureport and social media administrator at The Standard Group. He is passionate about politics, education and technology.
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