One of the WINGS waiters serving during the launch.
One of the WINGS waiters serving during the launch. [Photo/ Courtesy]

Nairobi remains an attractive market for food and drink joints despite the challenges that the restaurant and entertainment sector faced with the onset of Covid-19.

Speaking during the opening of WINGS’ new branch at Gigiri in Nairobi, Director, Stephen Onono noted that despite Covid-19, Nairobi remains an untapped market for restaurants due to the growing number of middle-class, lifestyle changes and even population.

WINGS, is a Kenyan fast casual restaurant with outlets that vary from sit downs, food trucks and even specialty locations.

Kenyans, Mr Onono added, will always want to experience something new and with food, it would be unique flavors and service experience, giving room for investors to set up new food ventures in Nairobi and even other towns in the country.

“Nairobi alone for instance has the potential of having like 60 WINGS restaurants. There is so much potential despite the business challenges that came with Covid-19 restrictions,” Mr Onono said.

“We all know how much Kenyans love new things and as WINGS, we have no problem trying anything new. And that means our work is to now have fun with our menus, develop unique flavors that focus on giving customers a fulfilling experience.”

Among others, WINGS menu includes special wings which come with 14 plus flavors, burgers, combos as well as greens as starters.

Despite initial WINGS Lavington branch closing shop last year due to the Covid-19 restrictions that hit many restaurants and eateries, the company continued to successfully run its food tracks at the Hub Karen, Kilimani and Kiambu road, as well as sit down restaurant at the Alchemist bar in Westlands in Nairobi.

The new Gigiri branch marks the beginning of the company’s expansion plans in Nairobi. In 2022, the company plans to open over 22 branches including a flagship branch on Mombasa Road. WINGS targets to set the restaurants on mixed-use development areas including boutique outlets, strip mall outlets, petrol station outlets, high end malls, food trucks and others.

“The business changed, but smart people are still around. Covid-19 did not change how we eat but how we get and enjoy food. People still love food and social gatherings,” noted WINGS Board Member, Jeremie Davis.

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