MPs have protested SRC’s move to slash their mileage allowances, saying it is on a mission to demean the legislative arm of government. Parliamentary Service Commission member Gladys Wanga told the press on Wednesday that the action will reduce them to beggars.

“MPs will be humiliated and reduced to beggars like in the past where they depended on incentives from the executive,” the Homa Bay woman MP-elect said.

She added the Salaries and Remuneration Commission heavily slashed their allowances without conducting a job evaluation. “That gazette notice is not only in bad faith but it is also meant to demean MPs. We are neither demanding an increment nor will we arm-twist anyone.”

On July 10, the salaries agency chair announced the changes geared to save taxpayers more than Ksh 8 billion annually. The cut will affect all state officers including the President Deputy President, MPs and Cabinet Secretaries.

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The President will earn Ksh 1,443,750 monthly down from Ksh 1.6 million while the Deputy President will be paid Ksh 1,227,188 monthly. Cabinet Secretaries will get a salary of Ksh 924,000 down from Ksh 1,056 000 while PSs will earn ksh765,000 down from Ksh 874,000.

MPs will earn Ksh 621,000, not the Ksh 710,000 they got before, the Speaker of the National Assembly will take home Ksh 1.1 million and governors Ksh 924,000. MCAs will get Ksh 144,000.


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