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The inaugural 5-month Software Development Class in Ghana will be run by Moringa using Flatiron School’s world-leading curriculum will be delivered at Impact Hub Accra. [Photo/ Courtesy]

EdTech Leader Moringa School and Impact Hub Accra have signed a partnership that will see students from Ghana join the institution.

Moringa says that the Covid-19 pandemic and the growth of the tech sector across Africa provided it with an opportunity to re-think its campus-based teaching model and overall strategy. Moringa says that the new strategy ensures it continues to make a significant contribution to the development of human capital in Africa’s tech ecosystem and connecting human capital to meaningful opportunities.

“Moringa’s rebrand is a reaffirmation of its commitment to provide a platform for current and aspiring tech professionals, employers, and enthusiasts to connect, learn, find work, start businesses, and to innovate,” said Moringa in a statement.

“We aim to deliver training in the skills the market most wants and that are of most practical value to those working in tech. We shall also engage aspiring tech professionals with the aptitude and mindset needed to succeed, no matter their circumstances to achieve a long term vision  of an inclusive tech ecosystem in Africa.”

The inaugural 5-month Software Development Class in Ghana will be run by Moringa using Flatiron School’s world-leading curriculum and will be delivered at Impact Hub Accra.

“We are excited to bring to you this new Moringa brand that is focused on empowering students to discover their potential, grow their technical skills, and transform their realities through market-aligned tech skills training for career readiness. With a placement rate of 85 percent of all job-seeking alumni within 12 months of graduating from our courses, we are convinced the problem we are solving is big enough for us to continue pursuing our vision for a world in which anyone can create their future. This partnership with Impact Hub Accra will help us empower Ghanaian students with the tools to build lasting careers with greater confidence, competence, and possibility. We cannot wait to flag off the first class later this month,” said Snehar Shah, Moringa’s new CEO.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our long-term investors and the Mastercard Foundation for the substantial support they have given us over the years, our 300+ employer partners who consistently validate the value of our training by hiring from our alumni pool and giving us the feedback we need to improve, and most importantly, our students, and their families who support them, for trusting us with their education.”

Interested learners are encouraged to apply on Moringa School Ghana’s website using this link before applications close on February 28th, 2022.

”As the Ghanaian technology and innovation ecosystem becomes more connected and adapts to tackle layers of local and global challenges, there is an increasing need to train and equip professional software developers who in collaboration with their peers can think about and develop quality solutions to these challenges, the ability to solve these challenges is what makes them an opportunity for growth, we are excited to partner with market leader Moringa School to bring home this opportunity for talent growth and development,” said Kelechi Victor Ofeogbu, Impact Hub Accra’s Chief Operating Officer.

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